About us

GREEN DIESEL EUROPE fills a void left in the Diesel Performance Market by add-on boxes or roughly-developed programmers that don'€™t truly take advantage of the performance and economy potential offered by diesel power systems.

The members of our team have numerous years of experience working in the diesel calibration field. Green Diesel Europe believes that a diesel engine doesn't have to emit billowing clouds of smoky exhaust or rattle like an antiquated tractor to be fast or economical. Our philosophy is that to properly optimize an engine to provide the highest power density and best fuel economy, one cannot simply install bigger injectors and raise the boost pressure. The calibration must be RE-OPTIMIZED from the core. Even more with newer engines equipped with hi-tech after-treatment technologies, it is extrtemely important to be cognizant of how the engine interacts with them to provide an overall package that is both exciting to drive and still environmentally friendly to the world around.

Our core strategy is to determine the overall power-torque curve to meet the performance requirements, and from that point begin optimizing the calibration as a whole (injection timing, number/quantity of pilot injections, post injection, boost pressure set point, etc.) to provide the highest fuel economy and performance. In most cases, a large performance gain can be realized from just a calibration alone without the need to spend endless dollars on additional components.

GDE continues to add to our product portfolio one vehicle application at a time. If your diesel vehicle is not on our tuned list yet, drop us a line and we will assess timing/development to add the application.


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